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Mr. Nazer Mohamed Bin Noor Mohamed

Project Director

Mr. Nazer Mohamed Bin Noor Mohamed began his career with JKR Sarawak in the division of Centre Machine Workshop from 1980 to 1994. He was then joining Syarikat Inar Kiara Sdn Bhd, an organisation specialising in Capital and Dredging Maintenance, Reclamation, Flood Mitigation and Marine works as the Assistant Project Manager. Mr. Nazer had successfully carried out many projects during his tenure with the company, some of them are such as Reclamation Work Rajang Port 1996 worth RM16 million, Reclamation Star Cruise Terminal Contract in 1997 worth RM1 million, and in the same year he was managing the project of Miri Waterfront City ( Reclamation and New Channel) with the value of RM115 million.

En. Nazer was entrusted with greater responsibilities in the following year as Project Manager to manage Dredging and Reclamation work such as Revetment at Sandakan Waterfront, Maintenance Dredging at Miri Waterfront, Maintenance Dredging at Kuala Perlis, Maintenance Dredging at Sandakan Port, Reclamation for Pusak Road, Sarawak and Kuala Terengganu Reclamation & Beach Revetment as well as Terengganu Airport Reclamation work, both projects in Terengganu amounting to more than RM300 million.

With 12 years of experience in dredging, Mr. Nazer started his own business (NDC Dredging & Construction Sdn Bhd) based in Kuching, Sarawak as the Managing Director. Some of the projects undertaken by his own company are Erosion Control at Pantai Manis, Papar, Sarawak”, “Upgrading of Kuala Terengganu Airport”, “Reclamation and Shore Protection Works at Pulau Indah Industrial Park, Mukim Klang, Selangor”, “Extension and Associated Works at Northen Foreshore of Asian Supply Base, Federal Territory Labuan”, “Construction and Completion of the Proposed Jalan Sibu, Bawang Assan, Bahagian Sibu, Mukah, Sarawak”, “Construct-Design Wave Breaker and Deepening of  Terengganu River Estuary (sub-contract)”, “Dredging work with Wave Breaker at Second Inner Harbour of Bintulu, Sarawak”, Supply Sand for the Land Reclamation Works for The Proposed Sandakan Harbour Square, Sandakan ,Sabah ( Sub Contract )”, “Extraction, Transportation and Delivery of Sea Sand for the Construction and Completion of Pusa Road Project, Sri Aman, Sarawak”, Maintenance Dredging Upon Inner Berth using clamshell for Tawau Port, Sabah ( Sub Contract )”, “Multi Oil & Gas, Bintulu, Sarawak”, ”Kuching City Flood Mitigation Work ( Phase 1 – Stage 1 ), Sarawak” and “Construction & Completion Of Flood Mitigation Works at Sungai Maong Paroh, Kuching, Sarawak”.

Equipped with more skills and experiences, En Nazer was then invited back to Syarikat Inai Kiara Sdn Bhd to serve the company and manage most of the projects of the company in the maintenance and capital work, the projects being the  Yard at Pulau Indah, Westport Port Klang ( 3 Jan 2018 ), Johor Port (12 Feb 2018 – 16 Feb 2018), West Port Port Klang to Yard Pulau Indah (1 March 2018), Yard Pulau Indah to  Northport Port Klang (25 March 2018), Northport Port Klang to Yard Pulau Indah (7 Jun 2018), Yard Pulau Indah to Port Tanjung Pelepas PTP (9 June 2018 2018 – 13 Jun 2018), Port Tanjung Pelepas to Yard Pulau Indah PTP (19 Dec 2018 – 22 Dec 2018) and so on.

Mr. Nazer has in depth experience in the field of Dredging and Reclamation which will be a great contribution to our organisation.