Building a Green Future

With a group of highly qualified engineers, a sound management and supervisory team, HKT is set to become a leading Industrialised Building System (IBS) player providing Total Building Solutions to the construction industry, not only in Malaysia but throughout the Asean nations as well.

We have factories producing all types of precast components of the Industrialised Building System, namely precast columns & beams for the low rise buildings, load bearing & shear walls for the high rise buildings as well as lightweight high performance panels all in conformance to the Uniform Building By-laws (UBBL), Malaysia as well as the stringent requirements of CIDB.

Apart from ensuring a shorter delivery time, better quality and cost effectiveness, adopting the IBS is the only solution to lessen or minimise the dependence of foreign labour.

Our factories are also able to produce the whole spectrum of precast concrete products among which include the production of RC square piles, reinforced earth retaining panels, precast concrete septic tanks and precast concrete manholes.

HKT Group of companies include HKT Holdings Sdn Bhd, HKT Assets Sdn Bhd, GE IBS Sdn Bhd, GE Tech Industry (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, Teras Alfa Sdn Bhd (G7), Tawakal Busin Sdn Bhd (G7 Bumiputera ), Maju Efektif Sdn Bhd (G7 Bumiputera) and PP Telecommunication Sdn Bhd. The group is growing and will have different companies representing different business segments to be added into the group.

Building a Green and healthy future - aim of HKT

A Brief Introduction on IBS Industrialised Building System

HKT Holdings Sdn Bhd is an emerging IBS manufacturer, supplier and installer of IBS wall panel, floor panel and modular unit under the trade name of GEG ECO Lightweight Panel System.

The panel system offers solution for partition walls with superior performance that exceeds industry expectation in being lightweight, able to mitigate cracks as well as ensuring smooth surface finish.

Patented in Malaysia and Australia, the home-grown panel system boasts superior performance, namely:

  • Customisable size depending on project requirement.
  • Lightweight system that reduces structural and foundation requirement.
  • Easy installation which is three times faster than the conventional method.
  • Non-combustible with superior thermal insulation.
  • Technical support for installation and defects.
  • Able to facilitate construction at rural areas due to convenience and ease of handling.
  • Excellent sound insulation.
  • Environmental-friendly (minimal wastage).
  • Superior strength (GEG ECO is a non-load bearing wall system with load bearing capacity).

Additionally, the system also meets both national and international certification and compliance standards:

  • CIDB IBS Manufacturer Status (Innovative System)
  • BS 5234: Part 2: 1992 Partition Wall Test by TUV SUD
  • Two-Hour Fire Resistance (100mm thickness wall) with Hose Stream Testing by SIRIM (witnessed by TUV SUD)
  • Loading Test by the Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM)
  • Acoustic Performance (STC 44) tested by TUV SUD based on ISO 10140 – 2: 2010 and ASTM E90 – 04 standards.
  • Non-combustible (tested by TUV SUD)
  • 2 Hours Fire Resistance (90mm thickness wall) by SIRIM
  • CIDB IBS scoring of 86% (RMR1M at Kulaijaya)
  • One and Two Hours Fire-Rated Certification by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia

HKT Holdings currently has a 1.8-acre plant in Semenyih (Selangor) and a 2.23-acre plant in Kuching (Sarawak) which are capable of producing 1,000 panels each on a daily basis.

Load Bearing Wall Panels

GEG High Performance Wall Panels

Method of Installation of GEG IBS Industrialized Building System

Step 1:

Fix bottom guide track


  • Electric hand drill
  • Fastener – M8 screw – wall plugs at 200 mms c/c
  • Hammer


  • Level floor to receive GI guide track
  • Wall panel setting out – using laser level based on coordinated shop drawings
  • Mark floor with ink snap-line marking tool
IBS Step 1 - Fix bottom guide track

Step 2:

Fix vertical guide track


  • Electric hand drill
  • Fastener – M8 screw – wall plugs at 200 mms c/c


  • Tongue & Groove GI profile
  • Easy installation incl. levelling and alignment
IBS Step 2 - Fix vertical guide track

Step 3:

Fix top anchor bar


  • Electric hand drill
  • Fastener – M8 screw – at 200 mms c/c


  • Ensure all guide tracks – bottom, vertical and top are aligned and positioned according to the coordinated shop drawings setting out plan

Next step :

  • To receive GEG ECO wall panels
IBS Step 3 - Fix top anchor bar

Step 4:

Erect wall panel


  • Crow bar
  • Fastener – M8 screw – at 200 mms c/c
  • Electric drill


  • Hand lift panel
  • Place over bottom guide track
  • Lift in to vertical position
  • Ready for fastening
IBS Step 4 - Erect wall panel

Step 5:

Fix fastener on panel

  • Fix fastener on vertical tongue & groove connection


  • Electric hand drill
  • Fastener – M8 screw – at 200 mms c/c
  • Alum. ladder


  • Upon position and align wall panel, fix fastener to vertical joint and top anchor
  • Ready for the next panel installation
IBS Step 5 - Fix fastener on panel

Step 6:

Fix 2nd wall panel

IBS Step 6 - Fix 2nd wall panel

Step 7:

Fix subsequent wall panels

  • Fixing fasteners to joint between wall panels
IBS Step 7 - Fix subsequent wall panels

Step 8:

Insert rockwool in-fill


  • Rockwool
  • Spatula


  • Vertical joints between panels – in-fill with rockwool
  • Insert rockwool until gap is snugly filled
IBS Step 8 - Insert rockwool in-fill

Step 9:

Seal joint between panels

  • Preparing & fixing fiber netting at vertical joint


  • Fiber netting
  • Steel trowel


  • Apply cement sand mortar over vertical joint already in-filled with rockwool
  • Fix fiber netting over joint area
  • Hold fiber netting with c/s mortar
IBS Step 9 - Seal joint between panels

Step 10:



  • Spreader bar
  • Steel trowel
  • Sponge trowel


  • Render cement sand to erected wall panel surfaces – up to 5 mms thk.
  • Also, permissible to use skim coat for top finish up to 5 mms thk
  • Sponge or steel trowel smooth finish
IBS Step 10 - Rendering

IBS Industrialized Building System Projects

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