HKT Holdings Sdn Bhd

Company Overview

Established  in  2013,  HKT Holdings Sdn Bhd is  an  investment  holding  company  with  diversified  business  interests  in various industries, notably an inventor and manufacturer of Industrialized Building System (IBS) components and green products; providing security and healthcare to the community; construction, dredging, contract and project management consultancy services as well as property development. Our four main pillars of businesses are securely grounded on the foundation of our company’s vision and mission to build a green future, meeting community needs, building nations and upgrading lifestyles of our clients and stakeholders.

We pride ourselves for delivering excellence to our clients which is the reason behind our impeccable track record and rapid expansion. With the wide business networking of our founder-cum-Executive Chairman Dato’ Seri John Hii Khim Tung, we are on the journey to establish a strong foothold within ASEAN before expanding to other territories within the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

About HKT Group

Our Vision

Poised to create an exemplary Organisation in concert with our Human Capital through the deployment of effective Management Systems to generate consistent service and returns to all Shareholders and Stakeholders.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide strategic directions and tactical management support to all our employees to ensure our Organisation continues to drive sustainable business growth and remain relevant in all the sectors of our businesses.

Executive Chairman's Message

Whilst our Vision and Mission Statements speak volume of our aspirations, we stand committed to the expectations of our clients to ensure our clients and all stakeholders have the highest level of trust and comfort in doing business with our Group of Companies.

It is common knowledge that the business façade today has changed dramatically and only companies with the power of envisioning will thrive. We are fortunate that we have managed to build a team of very enthusiastic personnel with a zest for creativity and innovativeness. We have entrenched a Culture and Philosophy where we strive in all the tenets of effective management where we deploy excellent operational and financial management programmes to achieve excellence in everything we do emphasizing not just on our results but good corporate governance and transparency as well.

We are also very focused in the development of the talents of our human capital so that our Country can stand abreast with developed nations and the successes of our Organisation can meet our obligations toward our Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes.

We believe that with our resources, clients, by and large. will find doing businesses with our Group a pleasure., and more importantly an assurance we will be able to deliver on time and with the best quality.

Key Senior Management

Dato’ Seri John Hii
Executive Chairman

Dato’ Seri John Hii is the Executive Chairman of HKT Holdings Sdn...

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Mr. Vincent Ling Siew Ung
Executive Director

Vincent Ling is the Executive Director of HKT Holdings Sdn Bhd and...

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Dato Hj Mohd Nazri B. Hj Dashah
Managing Director

Dato’ Hj Mohd Nazri b. Dashah served for 40 years as a...

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Ong Chin Peng
General Manager – Finance & Admin

Chin Peng is currently the General Manager of Finance and Admin for...

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Dato’ Dr. Naspu Bin Daud
Managing Director

Dato Dr Naspu was awarded with the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)...

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Eva Ong Yee Mun
Contract Manager

Eva Ong, graduated from University of Science (USM ) Malaysia with degree...

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Ar Ambrose Wong
Head of Architectural Department

Ar Ambrose Wong is a highly experienced architect from Sarawak. He has...

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